The land of Foziling Famers Market belong to the land that is used for municipal facilities, located South of Foziling Road. Total land area: 16,143 square meters, 12,719 square meters of net land, greening rate of 30%. Its preliminary plan as the Fuziling Farmers Market, commissioned by the Nanning Qingxiu District Government, will be formed into a comprehensive wholesale-retail farmers market after its completion. The project will integrate service comprehensiveness and uniqueness, to provide the residents with convenient daily consumption service.

It is located at the core area of Fengling North business district; an important part of the core business district. It is endowed with superior traffic conditions and promising future trends. Concentrated modern green farmers market still has huge development space in commercial activities of the northern Fengling, and the construction of Fozling Farmers Market is distinctive and unique. It integrates the traditional farmer’s market model, modern logistics and fresh food model, and it will create a new pattern of professional farmers market and develop into a modern green farmers market.

Foziling Farmers Market can be divided into two, Part A and Part B, connected by the corridor, thus possessing a distinct sense of volume. Elevation treatment of general block and dexterity forms a spatial contrast of false and true to attract the attentions. Modern styling has gotten rid of the inherent form of traditional farmers market to increase the interest of awareness, and attracting people. The front square is expanded, which can be used as a large outdoor parking area, landscape plaza and the area for promotional activities, thus increasing the flexibility of space utilization. Two floors underground are the mechanical parking garage; five floors on the ground and one floor underground of the agricultural products market are in are of more than 30,000 square metres, which can fully meet the future demand of northern district of Fengling.