Flushing is an area of Queens, New York, USA; in recent years, Flushing has become populated by Asian-American immigrants, particularly immigrants from Korea and China, and has developed into a strong eastern culture commercial district.Before the cities of New York City merged in 1898, Flushing was a small town located in Queens. After the creation of the Line 7 train, which connects Flushing to Manhattan, Flushing has become a huge Chinese and Korean commercial and residential area. After the 9/11 incident, Chinese people who previously lived in Manhattan moved to Flushing, causing the number of Chinese communities in Flushing to exceed those in Chinatown. There is a strong Chinese residential and commercial foundation in Flushing and Flushing is an ideal neighborhood for investment and as a place for Chinese immigrants to live.

Flushing Point is located in a commercial area in Flushing, New York– at the junction of College Point Blvd and 40th Road. There are large commercial buildings nearby. Some of the buildings have just been completed and some are still under construction, such as BJ Wholesale Club, Target, Old Navy, UNIQLO, Best Buy, Applebee’s Bar & Grill, Hershey’s Ice Cream, and Little Lamb restaurants, which makes dining and shopping quite convenient. It is 3 blocks away from the Line 7 train, Main Street Station and many bus stops that are available in Flushing. There are also shuttle buses that go directly to Manhattan, Chinatown and 8th Ave. in Brooklyn, as well as the Long Island Rail Road to Manhattan and Long Island, which makes transportation very convenient.

This project is an integrated commercial and residential real estate project, including underground parking, retail stores, hotels, and apartments. There will be two 15-story high-end residential buildings and one 16-story commercial and residential building. The 2nd to 8th floor will be used as apartments and the 9th to 16th floor will be used as a hotel. Underground parking is available for 250 cars. The total area is expected to be 560,000 square feet.