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Introduction of the Group

Total investment exceeded more than 10 Billion Yuan.

American Chengyi Investment Management Group was established in 2012 as part of China’s Guangxi Hongshang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd; Hongshang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. was established in September 2006. It is a modernized inter-regional investment group that integrates industrial manufacturing, real estate development, cultural tourism, health industry, financial investment, oil marketing, and other industries. It is headquartered in Nanning, capital of Guangxi, China’s permanent host place of the CHINA-ASEAN Expo.

By taking advantage of the rapid development of the domestic economy, the central government’s special focus on the developing western economic region, and by holding an opportunistic view about the strong momentum of ASEAN trade development, it has invested and formed Guangxi Hongshang Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd., Guangxi Yingang Auto Industry Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd., Zhuangyimei Health Investment Management Group Co., Ltd., Guangxi HongshangShengjing Tourism Investment Co., Ltd., Liuzhou Sanmenjiang Forest Tourism Culture Development Co., Ltd., Yangshuo Hongshang Shengjing Tourism Investment Co., Ltd., Guangxi Huimin Investment Co., Ltd., etc. in Liuzhou, Guilin and other areas as subsidiaries of Guangxi Hongshang Investment Group. The total investment reached more than 10 billion Yuan.

The Most Professional Investment Company

Currently, the Group has more than 2,000 employees. American Chengyi Investment Management Group has the following investment projects now: Victoria real estate commercial and residential building of Queens, New York, CROWN MANSION commercial and residential building in Flushing center’s Maple Avenue in area of 150,000 feet, Prince commercial building on Prince Street in Flushing, Brooklyn commercial hotel building, etc. Given that the health industry of Guangxi Zhuangyimei is booming, American Chengyi Investment Group is seeking the cooperation and the opportunity to work with COMPANION, the most authoritative genetic detection center in Houston, Texas; in order to apply the world’s top genetic detection equipment and technology. By obtaining the equipment and technology, we hope to carry out physical health genetic analysis, early warning detection, and intervention and treatment for the healthy and sub-healthy person. Currently, Chengyi Investment Group is conducting a public sunset industry —senior center; people’s living standards have gradually improved in recent years, life expectancy of the elderly is increasing, it will be a public welfare with significant meaning, which inspired Chengyi Investment Group to invest in one of the most modern and advanced care centers, with the most powerful management and nursing for the elderly in Flushing. Looking forward to the future, the company is confident about investment prospects and welcomes all entrepreneurs and friends to make cooperation investments with American Chengyi Investment Group for mutual developments and benefits.

Guangxi Hongshang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. established Hongshang Investment Management Group (AHS) in New York in 2012, of which subsidiary companies are American Chengyi investment Management Group Inc. (Real Estates), American Zhuangyimei Investment Holding Inc. (Cosmetology, Medical, Nursing), American Xue-Xiang-Gui investment Holding Inc. (Catering, Food Service).AHS has actively and conservatively explored its business opportunities in the states, mainly in the Metropolitan Area of New York. Currently, AHS has hired 6 employees and 2 consulting firms. It plans to hire 3-4 more staff, a financial manager, a real estate sales manager, a restaurant manager, and a medical/nursing facility manager.AHS has invested in New York real estate development for the past 4 years, now is looking to expand its investment in the restaurant and medical/nursing businesses. It plans to open restaurants and medical offices in the New York area. Our affiliate company Zhuangyimei Health Investment Management Group Co., Ltd is a pioneer establishment in China, which integrates modern/ traditional medicines, prevention medical treatment, kinematic and anti-aging technology to offer a full and high satisfaction solution to customers in health care. American Zhuangyimei Investment Holding Inc. would like to collaborate with Zhuangyimei Health Investment Management Group Co., Ltd to bring quality health care to the US, and is planning to open medical/nursing facilities around New York area. In order to ensure a successful business, American Zhuangyimei Investment Holding Inc. will seek the possibility of hiring the experienced managers and workers from Zhuangyimei Health Investment Management Group Co., Ltd, and also provide local employment opportunities.

Group Honors